"San Diego’s most beloved alignment inspired states person of classical yoga."

/  Inhale Yoga & Fitness  /


"Josh, having studied under Richard Freeman, leads an incredibly well balanced and potent practice. While the opportunity to study with him was a brief portion of my career, the impression left was vast. I immediately connected to his practical approach with the complement of depth and spiritual wisdom. Today, I practice sharing this spacious approach into the wisdom of the body."

/  renee bruno  /


"It has been such a blessing to be in Josh’s class! Everyday I am learning so much about the depth, variety and relevance of these practices, and I'm so in awe... The intensive is opening me up to a plane of self inquiry and examination that feels....different. good. mature even? For the first time I feel like I'm able to take these ideas and actually play them out in my own life in a way that makes sense beyond just intellectual understanding. I'm thankful to Josh for helping to create an environment that supports that kind of practice, and for sharing with such quality and integrity.”

/  Traci McKnight  /


"Josh uses his profound understanding of anatomy to guide bodies safely into yoga asana poses and his deep understanding of the ancient teachings to kindly usher hearts and minds to the true path of yoga.  He has an incredible breadth of knowledge, a tender and loving approach and an insatiable hunger for the truth of the teachings.  If you are lucky in life, a teacher will come along who will crack open a door, shine a light and your life will be changed forever.  That is what Josh has done for me.”

/  Jill Mesaros  /


“Thanks to Josh’s offerings;

I sing better (thank sweet baby Jesus) 

I think more clearly

I am less of a self critic 

I am more compassionate 

I design home practice sequences with greater awareness 

I can embody a broad vocabulary of detailed alignment principles. 

I am comfortable rehabbing old bad habits with quality alignment principles in many of the poses. 

I meditate with greater regularity and ease

I get to enjoy phenomenal new music on a much more regular basis...

Oh, the music!” 

/  Drisana Carey  /